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A few preliminary thoughts on FFX characters...

....back to work after a nice, long vacation.... ::sigh:: If you want to know more of what I've been up to day-to-day, check out my other blog Something Wicked.

I got Final Fantasy X over the holiday and have been playing (and cheating) like mad. I'm about 90% through the game, but I've already developed an opinion (not necessarily correct, of course) of several FFX characters.

Seymour (the villain) just doesn't grab my attention. I'm not finished with the game, but so far I haven't had been given nearly enough background to explain his particular brand of insanity. The game gives you a few superficial hints which are plausible, I admit, but there's just some character development lacking here. ::shrug::

The romance between Tidus and Yuna is sweet and all that, but again, it doesn't particularly grab my interest. I wonder why I found the romance between Zidane and Dagger in FF9 so much more intriguing? ::ponder::

Frankly, Wakka irritated me a lot in the first part of the story with his blind, unquestioning belief in Yevon and its teachings, not to mention his thing against the Al Bhed. ::snort:: He gets better later in the story, but I've never had much enthusiasm for the stubborn, boisterous, brawler types. It's probably the same reason I never got drawn to Zell (FF8) or Barett (FF7), either.

Rikku is almost the stereotypical perky young girl/woman that shows up in these Final Fantasy stories (i.e., Yuffie of FF7, Selphie of FF8, etc.). She's likable, in a puppyish way.

Lulu, on the other hand, is a much more interesting. Cool, insightful, competent, and strong, although with a quiet sense of tragedy and loss held tightly in control. I definitely approve of her style.

On the other hand.... ::drumroll:: It should be no surprise that Auron is my favorite -- a dangerous, rather sinister swordsman with both angst and many secrets. Just the way I like 'em! Rather like the way that Saitoh can't be considered pretty or classically handsome, Auron's not beautiful or gorgeous in the common sense, but he's a man with true character. Both these characters have a cold, intense determination and focus which makes that definitely attractive, at least to me. Combine that with a pragmatic, but unshakable personal sense of honor, kickass fighting skills, and the brains to use those skills... well, it's no wonder why I like these sorts of guys! ::melts into a puddle of Hydra-goo::

I should warn you guys that a pack of evil plot bunnies have been whispering in my ear about the relationship between Auron, Brask, and/or Jecht. The flashbacks I've seen make me think that there's a deep sort of emotional bond and love between these men. I'm not really talking about something sexual -- stop those lewd snickers from the back row! -- but there's definitely love, at least of the plutonic, intensely close brother-in-arms sort. However, I'm not categorically ruling out the possibility of something more physical. It's the same sort of impression I get about Laguna and Kiros in Final Fantasy VIII, which is the only relationship that really caught my attention in that game -- the Squall+Rinoa romance in that game did absolutely nothing for me!

Hmmmm... ::ponder:: I might end up writing a short story or two (like I did for Final Fantasy IX) about Brask, Auron, and Jecht exploring this idea.

::quickly ducking hail of stale pocky from irate and impatient readers::

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