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(Slightly Bemused) Squeee!!!

I was reading the March US Newtype when I ran across an article on a TV series called ::takes deep breath:: "Suki na mono no wa suki Dakara Shouganai!" (aka Sukisyo or Sukisho). This series is apparently based on a popular Japanese boy-love game.

Well, I took one look at that article, then pounced on my computer and frantically started looking for torrents for the episodes. ^_^;;;

I *swear* that this damn series was DESIGNED to push all my fangirl buttons. Gorgeous bishonen and biseinen all over the place. A cute teenage main character (Sora) with major amnesia from a mysterious accident and a dark split personality (Yoru). An even cuter childhood friend (Sunao), also with a brattish, sexually uninhibited split personality (Ran). A math teacher (Minato) who is Sora's unofficial "big brother/paternal figure", who most definitely has *something* (involving handcuffs) going on with the male school nurse (Nanami) who is Sora's unofficial 'maternal figure'. ::nudge nudge wink wink::

There's also a friendly, loyal, but mercenary and explotive schoolmate (Matsuri) with waist-length blond hair. And finally, but definitely not least, there's a mysterious, brilliant, yet creepy chemistry teacher (Nagase) whose mere footsteps seems to cause poor Sora to have terrifying flashbacks to both his accident and to some dreadful childhood incident (shared with Sunao) which apparently involved abduction and possibly unethical scientific experimentation/torture.

If you haven't already guessed, this series is positively dripping with shonen-ai and serious yaoi-ish hints/implications. Yoru and Ran most definitely have the hots for each other and both are very much sexually uninhibited and sexually aggressive. For example, the very first episode starts with Ran crawling onto a sleeping Sora's bed and straddling him while sliding his hands under Sora's nightshirt; in the second episode, Yoru pins Sunao against the wall, grinding his hips against Sunao, and reachs under Sunao's skirt (who was crossdressing at the time - naturally Yoru took that as teasing/provocation).

Unfortunately, Sora and Sanao definitely ain't sexually uninhibited/aggressive. Sora's rather freaked out about the whole male-male relationship thing and Sanao seems to have a fair strong prim streak. They do like each other and gradually being friends (again, since Sora has amnesia), but they're trying their damnest not to admit it.

Can you see the potential for delightful/angsty complications here? ::evil grin::

The final nail in my coffin was when I found out about Sukisyo's seiyuu....

Sora - Midorikawa Hikaru (Heero - Gundam Wing; and way too many to list)
Sunao - Hoshi Souichirou (Goku - Saiyuki; Kazuki - Getbackers)
Yoru - Koyasu Takehito (Aya - Weiss Kreuz; and way too many to list)
Minato - Miki Shinichirou (Youji - Weiss Kreuz; and way too many to list)
Nanami - Ishida Akira (Hakkai - Saiyuki)
Nagase - Okiayu Ryoutarou (K - Gravitation; Treize - Gundam Wing)

::melts into puddle of fangirl goo:: Although I admit that I personally have a terrible ear for people's voices (i.e., I'm not sure if the above info is entirely correct. ::sheepish grin::)

The series is a bit schizophrenic -- even more so than Kyou Kara Maou -- because it's mostly pretty silly boy-love comedy, but with a tantalizing undercurrent of mystery. Sora's a brash, but kind, out-going sort of guy, but he's starting to remember painful events. Minato and Nanami appear to be fairly 'in the know' about Sora's forgotten (and apparently highly traumatic) past. Sunao seems to know a fair bit as well. And as for Nagase... he walks around with a sinister little smile on his face (and all that usually implies).

The comedy is all well and good, but I'm just DYING to find out what the hell is going on with Sora/Yoru and Sanao/Ran and their shared past!!! Which ones are the original/true personas? I'm up to episode 6, and at the very end, it becames pretty clear that Yoru and Ran are actually boinking each other (or so close that it practically doesn't make a difference). I mean, all the telltale signs are there -- intertwined fingers; thrown back heads; mouths in certain shadow-obscured places; gasping breaths; etc.


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