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Uh-oh.... Yuuri-angst off the port bow!!! - Convolutions of an Evil Mind — LiveJournal
Uh-oh.... Yuuri-angst off the port bow!!!
I went to the official Kyou Kara Maou website and found previews for episodes 31-39.

It appears that I guessed right. As soon as I saw the big "burial at sea" scene for Conrad's arm, and Yuuri wistfully wishing to see Conrad again, I just KNEW (or at least suspected) what would happen.

Conrad is indeed back. However, he's not quite himself. In fact, he seems to be working for the other side now. Big surprise, eh? Anyone remotely familiar with soap operas (or sci-fi/fantasy/romance fiction, for that matter) could see THAT development coming from a mile away. It's one of those sure-fire Angst Generating Plot Devices(tm). ^_^;;;

Let's see. Loyal/devoted/trusted friend -- check. Horrible traumatic injury while protecting his most important person -- check. Mysterious disappearance or missing corpse -- check. Said most important person expresses strong wish to see his missing friend again -- check. Unidentified powerful villains plotting in the shadows -- check. Friend suddenly reappears, but with changed personality and/or loyalties -- check!

Result? Instant Angst!

Since I'm unable to read or understand Japanese (WAH!!!) I can only guess what's wrong with Conrad. Presumably something with brainwashing and/or amnesia. BTW, he has his missing arm back (damn suspicious, that).

The end of episode 33 sets up some sort of battle tournament. So guess who ends up poor Yuuri's opponent? ::dramatic drumroll:: Conrad, of course! Except it's a Conrad who appears to be perfectly prepared to hack Yuuri's head off his shoulders. Wolfram and the others are naturally vastly upset by this development, to say nothing of how Yuuri must be feeling. Amazingly, it appears that Adelbert (the big muscular blond dude) interferes and probably saves Yuuri's life. Maybe because he's realized that Yuuri possesses Julia's soul? Hmmmm....

Probably due to Yuuri's anguished state of mind, the Maou shows up and he is NOT pleased. For whatever reasons, the Maou doesn't attack Conrad and the duel gets broken up. After another brief meeting/confrontation with Conrad, Wolfram and Yuuri argue (knowing Wolfram, I suspect that it might have to do with Conrad siding with humans), which causes Yuuri and MuraKen to fall into water and end up back in Japan.

When Yuuri and MuraKen return to New Mazoku, there ensues a quest for yet another of those weird magical boxes that can destroy the world. In the course of said journey, Gunter and Conrad face off. Gunter looks seriously PISSED off and despite his usual drama queen behavior, Gunter is one serious kickass swordsman. Conrad ends up running away -- okay, making a strategic retreat. Trapped between Gunter and Yuuri, Conrad jumps onto a passing boat to escape.

Anyway, the official preview for episode 39 (translated through Google and Babelfish) says something about the box and a trap being sprung by an unexpected person. ::cue ominous music::

Arrrrrgh!!! I need fansubs or raws of episodes 33-39! O_o Details! I want details!!!

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From: (Anonymous) Date: February 23rd, 2005 05:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
wow i've been following KKM for a while but i've fallen a bit behind on the series....you just gave me a HUGE spoiler >_< but my fault for reading it....i was reading some of your fics and i must say that you had me on the edge of my seat, but i'm really curious as to what happened to Dominion Road.... is it gone? =( sooo sad that i can't find the next part
1 hiss or Hiss in my ear....