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Yet another yummy biseinen

I've been watching Samurai Champloo over the last few days, and I have to make a not-so-shocking confession -- I've become mildly obsessed with Jin.

....which shouldn't surprise those who know me in the slightest, because he has many of the characteristics that I adore in a character.

Hydra-chan's anime hottie checklist (in no particular order)....

(1) cool-headed, composed, disciplined
(2) mysterious past
(3) hidden emotional depths
(4) smart
(5) perceptive, observant
(6) confident
(7) strongly dedicated or loyal
(8) practical / pragmatic
(9) efficiently, yet stylishly lethal
(10) long hair (not essential, but always a plus)
(11) damn gorgeous and sexy

I could go on, but that covers the main points. Now, how many of my favorite characters meet all or most of those criteria? ^_- Saitoh, Sanzou, Seishirou and various other CLAMP hotties, Akabane, Kadzuki, Legato, just to name a few. Kaiba misses out (just barely) on the lethal bit, but I'm sure that's more from a lack of opportunity rather than a lack of ability. ::evil laugh::

Samurai Champloo can be roughly described as "Pseudo-historical samurai anime - Cowboy Bebop style". The fight scenes are wonderful, especially Jin's! His sword style is so wonderfully swift and precise, and absolutely deadly. Yay! I know, I know. I'm gushing, but these sorts of things make me squeal like a giddy fangirl!

So far, there's only two characters in the show that have managed to survive an extended exchange of blows with Jin -- the first is Mugen (the other main character of Samurai Champloo and the raucous sort that does nothing for me), and the second is a mysterious, elderly-looking assassin (who actually manages to back Jin into a corner, so to speak).

And here are a few pics of Jin. Doesn't he look fine? ::beams::

Jin annoyed Jin in the shadows

Delightfully deadly biseinen. Gotta love 'em!


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