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Who says edited dubs are ENTIRELY bad?

I was just watching some taped US episodes of the current Doom arc in YuGiOh -- yes, the edited ones -- and I saw the scene where Kaiba revisits Duellist Kingdom to duel someone claiming to be Pegasus.

Normally, I dislike the edited dubs, but I've got to say that the scene when the fake Pegasus shows up to greet Kaiba absolutely oozed with delightful inneundo -- inneundo that does NOT show up in the Japanese version!

Now, maybe it's just my dirty evil little mind at work, but I can't help getting I-D-E-A-S when the fake Pegasus uses lines like:

"Come on, where's the love, Kaiba-boy? After all, we've been through so much."

"That's not nice. What did I ever do to deserve such hatred?"

"You're still trying to get away with that 'I don't believe in magic' speech.... especially after the time we shared not so long ago in this very castle?" O_o

(flashback) "Not only will his [Mokuba's] soul will remain in bondage, but yours will join it. "
(present) "And of course, as always, I stayed true to my promise. But you already know that."

"What's wrong? Did it suddenly become a crime to reminisce about good times between old friends?"

Now as expected, Kaiba's responses are extremely snarly. And he's definitely infuriated, all right, but in a coldly controlled sort of way. Maybe a bit TOO controlled, if you get my drift. ^_-

Naturally, giving my various yaoi and MC (that's 'mind control' for you innocents out there) fetishes, I can't help pondering two fascinating questions -- questions that people have undoubtedly already written fics and doujinshi about.

(1) What EXACTLY did Pegasus do with Kaiba's soulless body after he defeated Kaiba at Duellist Kingdom, hmmm?

(2) And EXACTLY how much of it does Kaiba remember about it, eh?

::curls up in a ball and thinks delightfully evil, smutty thoughts::


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