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I'm sooooo predictable!

Yup, my incurable fascination for good-looking, extremely competent, and preferrably lethal male characters has struck again. ^_^;;;;

I've been watching volume 3 of Get Backers (on DVD) and having WAY too much fun watching Akabane (aka Dr. Jackal) flirt/terrorize poor Ginji! ::evil grin:: And in the manga, Akabane keeps dropping those cute little hearts in his dialogue.... I have to say that the US voice actor for Akabane does a nice job of conveying the air of sinisterly playful charm.

I also adore Kazuki, when he cuts loose with his strings. Yum!

Atsuko Nakajima's Tsuya artbook - with its gorgeous bondage-ish pictures of dom Ban and chained Ginji -- has permanently corrupted me. Have I mentioned that Ban has a *particularly* dark and sinister look when his hair is down? Hohohoho! And it also has some really beautiful pictures of Kazuki and Jubei together. ::dreamy sigh::

Yup. Yup. Get Backers is practically oozing with yaoi-ish possibilities. Personally, I'm an adamant believer of the Ban-Ginji pairing, and the Kazuki-Jubei pairing. Not necessarily sexually, but I think they unquestionably belong together on an emotional level.

.... but I won't complain if I can find some hot and steamy fanfics for those pairings....

::voodoo drums::

Hell and damnation. The Evil Plot Bunnies(tm) are out to get me!

::runs away::

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