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Distractions, distractions....

For those wondering at my long silence -- yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I'm still writing fanfics, although not at the moment. ::ducking hail of stale pocky, rotten tomatoes, etc.::

And the reason for my authorial laziness, you might ask? Well.... ::taking very deep breath::

At the end of August, Doom 3 (for PCs) came out. ::duct-taping flashlight to pistol, shotgun, plasmagun, etc::

Mid-September, I got epically sick. You name it -- gastro-intestinal bug and skin rash, followed by respiratory and other opportunistic infections. One thing after another. Antibotics for one infection opening the door for another. -_-

End of September, it was the end of the fiscal year at work and all the rushing about (i.e., panic) that implies.

October, I rediscover crochet. Yes, crotchet, with yarn, hooks, and all that good stuff. Don't ask me why, but I suddenly developed an obsession with the stuff. ::trying to figure out how to convert patchwork quilt patterns into an easy granny square afghan::

Late October, I discover Katamari Damacy for PS2 and had -WAY- too much fun rolling up untold amounts of stuff -- living and not -- into a ball. ::hums the 'nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah' theme as she rolls over and picks up a submarine, giant squid, and a few small houses, complete with screaming occupants::

However, despite all these distractions, I doggedly managed to keep on writing at the same time. Slowly, of course, but I did get a fair bit of work on a variety of fics -- mainly Yu-Gi-Oh, but a little on COI.

However... ::ominous drumroll::

Mid-November, Half-Life 2 (for PCs) arrives, after waiting six long years. If Katamari Damacy was fun, then playing with HL2's game physics was OUTRAGEOUS fun. If you drop a glass bottle, it breaks into shards and you can even pick up the individual pieces. I spent the first 30 minutes of the game simply chucking suitcases, soda cans, broken telephone receivers, and other bits of trash at every game character I could see, just to see what happened. ^__^ The down-trodded citizens didn't do much, but the gas-masked, Nazi-style Combine goons weren't too amused -- they came after me with their electrified stun batons. Ouch!

So unfortunately, I'm not going to get any writing whatsoever done for at least the next week or two because I'm going to be much too busy throwing sawblades through zombies, driving dune buggies and airboats wildly across the landscape, herding hyperactive alien antlions with scent bombs, and in general causing as much mayhem as one nerdy, crowbar-wielding scientist-now-one-man-army, complete with arsenal and powersuit (aka Gordon Freeman) can possibly manage.

BTW, I'm cheating. Of course. Thank god for GOD-mode (i.e., invincibility), because otherwise, I wouldn't last more than a minute in any FPS (first-person-shooter) game. I've only now started to learn how to use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously to move in one direction and fire in another direction. For me, this is a major achievement of coordination. ^_^;;;

Shhhhh. Be very, very quiet. I'm hunting headcrabs.... ::evil cackle::


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