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Makie, from "The Blade of the Immortal"

Yesterday, I came across a website for "Mugen no Jyuunin" (aka "Blade of the Immortal" in the US) that has summaries for the current monthly episodes. If anyone has read the "Dreamsong" story arc, he/she knows that Makie is an incredible swordswoman. Well, in the May 2001 installment (especially part 2), we get to see more of Makie and her wonderful fighting skills.

Make no mistake -- this woman Makie is a blade-GODDESS and that's not a title I confer lightly.  ^_^   In the "Dreamsong" arc, she'd already thoroughly trashed the series' nominal 'hero' Manji. She could have easily killed both him and Rin, but instead she chose to walk away.

Now, in this new fight, the nominal villain Anotsu (who's sick and incapacitated with tetanus) watches her fight to save his life and comes to the realization that she possesses a level of sword skill that he can never hope to attain -- this from a man whose mission in life is to eradicate every other sword school other than his own (Itto-ryu) and who slices five expert swordsmen to pieces, using an ax of all things, without breaking a sweat.

Making allowances for the inherent differences between series, I find that Makie (when she's seriously fighting) very much reminds me Kenshin in his full Hitokiri Battousai-mode. The two of them might not have the pure physical strength of others, like Hiko, but they both have incredible speed, precision, and accuracy. This is even more impressive for Makie because she's using a three-section, double-headed glaive. Personally, I think she would be just as deadly with a sword, but like a sensible fighter, she chooses a weapon that takes advantage of her strengths and/or compensates for her weaknesses. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine such an improbable weapon being so dangerous, but you only have to read "Dreamsong" to understand.

And like the best fighters in RK (Kenshin, Saitoh, Aoshi, and Hiko), Makie has a phenomenal ability to read and analyze her opponent in the heat of battle and adapt instantly. You heard about people trapping a swinging blade between their palms? Well, because Makie is so good at 'reading' her opponent's fighting style, Makie dares to do this sword-trapping trick between her forearm and upper thigh, which leaves her other hand free to swing her own weapon without missing a beat. Now that's pretty damn impressive.

But also like Kenshin, she doesn't kill people for the sheer fun of it (unlike a certain unpleasant character in Blade of the Immortal that I could mention... ::sweatdrop::). Makie kills when she thinks it is necessary. When she's not 'in the groove', so to speak, she sometimes wavers because she doesn't know if what she's doing really is right and/or necessary. Okay, so she has a few emotional issues, but what interesting character doesn't?   ^_^;   However, in her most recent appearance, since she's protecting the man she loves (Anotsu), she's perfectly focused and her opponents are toast. ::bloodthirsty grin::

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