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Here I go again....

Damn, it always happens! I see or hear the wrong thing, and BANG!!! The next thing I know, I'm weebling back and forth between multiple creative obsessions!

To show you what I mean, here's the last two weeks inside my imagination....

It starts out with me still being on my YuGiOh kick (all because of the Ancient Egypt story arc in the anime). I start obsessively working on a new YuGiOh! fic involving Kaiba and flying, which was inspired by the music from a certain Tom Cruise movie (playing non-stop on my iPod). Oh, and I jolt down ideas and snippets for two more YuGiOh stories on the side. ^_^;;;

So, I'm about 80% finished with the flying fic when I make the mistake -- why did I do it? -- of developing a renewed interest in Devil May Cry -- all because a certain nameless acquaintance of mine points me to the latest Devil May Cry 3 trailer. I spend the next three days trying to puzzle out the lyrics of the terrific DMC3 trailer song and drooling over Dante.

And because I'm now in a Devil May Cry mood, I finally break down and get a new PS2 (because the laser on my old one was totally out of whack and giving me endless DREs (aka, the dreaded 'Disk Read Error'). So now that I've got a new PS2, all my cheat devices (Gameshark, Codebreaker, Action Replay Max) work! Yippie! So I spend a night or three replaying Devil May Cry, cheating outrageously, of course. Thank god for INFINITE HEALTH and similar cheats!

Well, my brain's thoroughly in a PS2 game mode, so I make the mistake of picking up Resident Evil: Outbreak (REO) for the PS2. This game turns out to be a rather entertaining game to play (when one plays on EASY mode, with the INFINITE HEALTH, INFINITE AMMO, ZERO VIRUS GAUGE, and ZOMBIES DON'T MOVE cheats running) in single-player mode (offline, of course). Yes, I need all those cheats simply in order to have the slightest hope of survival. This should give you some indicating of the true pathetic state of my hand-eye coordination. I do not understand how people manage to play this game on Very Hard with no cheats and no saves, considering that those pesky zombies keep popping up every two or three seconds. Really, I don't!

So I spend the next few days jogging along spooky hallways, blasting zombies. And the next thing I know, the Evil Plot Bunnies(tm) start playing their voodoo drums. I began getting vague ficcy impulses about a few of the REO characters (e.g., David and Kevin). Not as a couple, mind you, but on second thought.... So there I was, happily (if rather imcompetently) blasting anything that moves -- lucky for me, there's no friendly fire in offline games -- but at the same time feeling seriously guilty for neglecting my nearly finished Kaiba fic.

So even as I'm wavering between writing and gaming, I go and make the situation even worse by visiting to take a look around -- something that I've been semi-consciously avoiding, probably because I was afraid that something like this would happen. -_-

Argh! That damn FF7 music gets me every single time! To say nothing of the hordes of gorgeous bishies in FF7: Advent Children (e.g., the Silver Haired guys, etc.) And I've heard rumors that Zack's floating around somewhere, too. I want FF7:AC right NOW!!!! ::loud whine:

So now I've got THREE things vying for my attention -- YuGiOh, Resident Evil, and now FF7 (and naturally by extension, COI).

My imagination has absolutely NO sense of discipline!!!!

::banging head against brick wall::

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