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Lesson of the day....

You do not want to piss off Kurama.

Seriously. This is a really, really BAD THING. Make Kurama sufficiently mad, and you could end up praying and begging for death. Just ask the elder Toguro brother. Oops, you can't ask him because he's trapped in eternal nightmares by this vampiric tree, having his life sucked away but forever unable to die. ::wince::

Last night, I watched the most recent Yu Yu Hakusho DVD, in which Kurama challenges this bratty kid called the Game King (I think). Basically, it boils down to this -- the person who loses the game, dies. Kurama, all too aware of the consequences if Sensui is not stopped, is determined to win at all costs. While they play this Tetris-like game, Kurama deliberately and cold-bloodedly sets out to rattle his young, naive opponent by telling the boy the brutal truth about the game they're playing and the stakes of that game. The strategy works -- Kurama (and his side) wins and the kid dies. However, Kurama is not a happy camper.

So when the elder Toguro shows up to challenge them in the most maliciously obnoxious way possible, Kurama makes him pay big time. Yuusuke is shocked by Kurama's ruthlessness, but Hiei
isn't. Early in the series, didn't Hiei say that Kurama was the last person he wanted to cross or anger (or something to that effect)? Kurama even manages to impress Sensui, which is saying something.

I watched those episodes several times. I just love it when my favorite characters go into total kick-ass mode. ^_^


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