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Like watching an impending train wreck....

I've been watching GunGrave -- yes, my fascination with dangerous men with mysterious pasts and really big guns strikes again. It's an interesting series, but absolutely devoid of humor, macabre or otherwise. It's incredibly grim and positively wallowing with angst.

.... with everyone dying until the protagonist (Brandon/Grave) and the antagonist (Henry) are left for the climatic faceoff. Henry's beloved wife has just died (collateral damage in an assassination attempt), Brandon's resurrected body is about to give out... yadda yadda yadda.

The series is about to end, the final confrontation between betrayed and betrayer looms, and as I said, it's like an impending train wreck. You just know that it's going to be absolutely brutal and gut-wrenching, given the overall tone of the series. Did I mention that GunGrave is GRIM?

::sigh:: Poor Brandon/Grave. Nearly every person he remotely cares about is dead as a result of Henry's machinations -- the woman he loved, the man who was probably like a father to him, his old friends from the streets, the doctor who resurrected him, etc. -- or they've turned against him, siding with that worm Henry. The only one on Brandon's side who's left alive is a young girl.

I guess that my big problem with the series is that there seems to be no hope anywhere, no hint of light at the end of the tunnel, no chance at happier alternatives. There's only a sense of grim -- that word again -- inevitability. Contrast that with Full Metal Alchemist, which is full of poignancy, pain, and angst, also, but at least there's some upbeat moments and the potential of a good resolution.

Now I could be wrong and the GunGrave writers will come up with some incredible plot twist that will produce a semi-happy ending. Hell, at this point I'll settle for an ambigious ending! I suppose that I'll just have to wait and see if anyone manages to survive the train wreck. Whoopie. -_-

Argh, what a thoroughly depressing topic!

::goes off to read some G-DEFEND and Demon Diary to perk up her mood::


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