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It's positively unfair!

I just saw the latest Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer ( and now all the COI muses are mobbing me! Which would normally be a GOOD thing -- although COI is always lurking in the back of my mind -- but I've still got that "Black Feathers" installment to finish (and I've really started to roll on that one).

It's a conspiracy! A vile conspiracy, I say!!!

::frantically weebles back and forth between fics, trying to decide which story to work on::


But as for the FF7: AC trailer, here's a quick rundown of my thoughts while watching the trailer:

1 - Cloud riding Fenrir (his motorcycle). There's nothing quite like a good-looking guy on a big, mean, fast-moving machine. ::snicker::

2 - Cloud strolling through ruined church against backdrop of stained glass windows. Yum-my! (see my picture above?)

3 - Where the hell was he hiding that friggin' huge knife!? I'm referring to the scene when Cloud gets disarmed by mysterious silver-haired guy -- Cloud smoothly whips out this 'knife' that would probably serve as a full-sized sword for a normal person. Reminds me somewhat of the Highlander TV series. ^_-

4 - This movie's going to be a-crawl with gorgeous guys, most of them with silver hair and out to kill Cloud. ::ominous foreshadowing music:: But that's definitely not a bad thing.

5 - Cloud wearing kickass shades. Damn, he looks fine and dangerous -- just the way I like them! ::licking chops::

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