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I came (to Otakon), I saw, and I shopped! ^o^

Got back from Otakon Sunday, but had to scramble to finish up some work for Monday. Blech! But finally, I can relax a bit.

Missed out on the TM Revolution concert because I forgot my earplugs -- I can't handle loud noise/music, just like I can't handle hot drinks. ::sniffle::

Went to the dealer's room, ransacked the Sasuga and Kinokuniya bookstore booths, and bought stuff. Boy, did I buy stuff! 22 volumes of Shaman King manga, Salty Dog artbooks (by Minekura, the person who does Saiyuki), a gorgeous artbook by Mamiya Oki, and several others. I swear that I must've staggered out of the dealer's room with 30-40 pounds of books::massive sweatdrop::

But the real prize was the 18 volumes of the G-Defend manga that I scooped up! ::fan-hydra squeal:: A security/law enforcement group (or garrison) full of gorgeous bishies, and romantic yaoi couples. EMOTIONALLY WELL-ADJUSTED couples! ::clutching chest in mock-shock::

Yes, I like angst, but there's times the angst gets so friggin' melodramatic (Bronze, anyone?), it makes me want to whack the characters on the head and yell, "Get a grip, man!" So it's a relief to read a "feel-good" series. Yeah, I'm an angst-queen, but I really like happy or at least upbeat endings.

Ishikawa is an adorable, feisty uke who just happens to be the garrison's commanding officer. Iwase is the sweet, patient, protective (sometimes overly so) seme who is Ishikawa's devoted bodyguard/lover. The rest of the characters (and couples) are just as enjoyable and the team spirit in the garrison is wonderful, thanks in no small part to Ishikawa's deft, caring leadership. Virtually everyone likes/adores/admires/wants Ishikawa, and are willing to go to great lengths to please him. But unlike many ukes I've seen, Ishikawa definitely isn't helpless or weak, especially when his job/duty is involved. Just about the only thing he can't handle is Iwase's playful displays of affection -- the poor flustered dear! ::snicker::

For more info on this great manga series, check out: The G-Defend Survival Guide, which has pictures of the main characters and even tips on how to identify them! ^_- Also, Aestheticism has a terrific review of this series.

One of my favorite side characters in G-Defend is Alec (or Alek), an incredibly gorgeous bishie with long black hair (which he often wears in a braid a la Duo Maxwell) and stylish round glasses/shades. Personality-wise, he reminds me incredibly of Watari of Yami no Matsuei, an impression reinforced by the fact that Alec is in the technical services/research branch -- he really likes things that go BOOM! -- but he still kicks major league ass! However, while he resembles Watari a lot, in one of the manga sketches, Alec looked incredibly like Touda -- he was shirtless, his hair was in several small braids, and he had some straps wrapped around his arm! Yummy! ::drool::

I'll try to get some scans up later, after I catch up on some sleep.....


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