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COI Redux - random teaser (spoilers!)

Yet another teaser to let you guys know that I'm alive and still writing... or trying to, at least. The ongoing parental health crisis, Real Life(tm),... you get the drift. >_>

And now I've got a nasty case of sciatica (i.e., pinched nerve in the hip). *groan*

Regarding the teaser typical warnings apply -- very rough, plot SPOILERS, yadda-yadda. Enjoy.

::staggers off to deal with YET MORE Real Life(tm) crap::

start of teaser

Nyx pushed aside the data she was working on, looked up at the somber Tifa, and said, "There's one thing you need to understand. Forget all about the glory of science and all the other crap you've heard from Hojo and the other scientists. The true purpose of the Jenova Project and its related projects was to produce the best biological killing machines possible for Shinra. And thanks to Jenova's particular nature, Shinra's researchers succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Sephiroth, Cloud, and the other SOLDIERs -- yes, even Zack -- are undeniably superb killing machines."

Nyx held her hand up as Tifa started to object. "I'm not saying that they're just puppets without feelings, emotions, or free will. I'm sure Shinra would've preferred them to be like that, but we both know things didn't turn out that way. Even Sephiroth, who was trained practically from birth to be the perfect warrior-minion for Shinra, developed his own distinct and independent personality."

"Such as it is," Tifa muttered, but only half-heartedly. While she hated to admit it, she was reluctantly -- very reluctantly -- starting to appreciate Sephiroth's particular brand of cool snark.

"However, you need to accept the fact that anyone and anything modified with Jenova cells shares not only Jenova's predatory abilities -- enhanced strength, durability, reflexes, etc. -- but also its predatory instincts and drives. Those instincts -- the desire to hunt, to fight, to kill -- are now hardwired into their bodies. They can be controlled or partially suppressed, but they can't be turned completely off. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is lying."

Tifa remained silent for a moment, then said quietly, "Cloud and those solitary monster hunts he goes on."


"But what about Vincent and Rufus? Neither of them have any Jenova cells, so they shouldn't have those predatory instincts or drives you keep talking about."

Nyx smiled grimly. "While Vincent Valentine doesn't carry any Jenova cells, he happens to be the host for an extremely powerful entity -- one that manifests in a variety of decidedly aggressive and predatory ways."

"Galian Beast and Chaos."

"Just to name a few."

"And Rufus?"

Nyx hesitated, then said, "From Rufus's comments, it appears that the Cetra were not nearly the benevolent and pacifistic race people generally believe them to be. His intense exposure to the Lifestream has apparently allowed memories from these aggressive Ancients to invade his mind and influence his behavior."

As Tifa exhaled sharply, Nyx added, "And for your information, many of those Ancients don't like humans. At all."

end of teaser

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