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COI Redux - random teaser

It's the end of the fiscal year, with all its associated deadlines. It would be a stressful time under normal circumstances, but after the year I've head, with all the family-related health (and now psychological) issues, it's become truly horrible. ::stress-induced eyebrow twitching::

So September was basically a total wash writing-wise (although I managed to jolt down more notes on the outline).

However, just to let you guys knows that I'm still alive -- barely -- here's a small random teaser which makes reference to the events in SOLDIERs Just Wanna Have Fun.

Once October arrives, hopefully I can get back to the important stuff... like working on fic, damn it! :P

Typical warnings apply -- very rough, yadda-yadda. Enjoy.

::staggers off to deal with all sorts of Real Life(tm) crap::

start of teaser
Followed by Sephiroth, Cloud, Tseng, and Kunsel, Rufus stepped into the parlor and sank down into the closest armchair. Closing his eyes, he rubbed his forehead and murmured, "For the first time in my life, I have a desperate need to get absolutely stinking drunk."

"You can try, but it probably won't work," Cloud said, sounding surprisingly sympathetic. When Rufus opened his eyes slightly to look at him, Cloud gave his half-brother a wry smile, then said, "People with heavily mako-enhanced bodies burn off the alcohol too fast to become truly intoxicated. The same goes for the usual recreational drugs."

"Personal experience?" Rufus murmured.

"Yeah," Cloud said stoically.

"Wonderful. Not only do I have to cope with absurdly heightened senses and that damn mob of voices in my head, you're saying that there's no easy way to dull them down to a tolerable level, at least temporarily."

"Basically, yes." Cloud stopped, then cocked his head slightly and said in a bemused voice, ".... although there ARE a few things that can make SOLDIERs very nicely buzzed."

Kunsel blinked, then grinned brightly. "Oooh, you're right. I'd almost forgotten about that." When Rufus glanced at him curiously, the SOLDIER said, "You see, Zack somehow came up with this secret recipe for...."


The emphatic negative came simultaneously from Sephiroth and Tseng, who both managed to look vaguely horrified. Sephiroth shot Kunsel a quelling stare. The SOLDIER, no fool, immediately shut up.

Sephiroth then turned his glare on Cloud, who merely gave him a completely unintimidated grin and said mildly, "But you liked it. A lot. You said so yourself."

Sephiroth took a deep breath, stared hard at Cloud, then uttered an exasperated sigh before saying, "Putting that aside, I really don't think that getting Rufus rip-roaring drunk is a good idea."

Cloud looked just a little hurt, like a puppy who'd just been scolded. "I just thought that a little bit might make Rufus feel a little more mellow...."

"Za...." Sephiroth stopped, shook his head, then continued, "With that drink of yours, a little bit is all it takes to cause more trouble than...."

Rufus listened with utter fascination as the argument between Sephiroth and Cloud continued. But it wasn't -- couldn't be -- Cloud who was talking with Sephiroth in such a familiar, friendly, and open manner. As for Sephiroth... it seemed incredible, but Sephiroth sounded rather like a sensible older friend fighting a long-running battle to keep a reckless younger buddy out of trouble.

He glanced over at Tseng just in time to see the Turk shaking his head ruefully.

"So, is this mysterious drink actually capable of getting SOLDIERs THAT drunk, Tseng?"

It was Tseng's turn to sigh. "Oh yes, I and the other Turks can personally attest to the fact that that particular concoction of Zack's is perfectly capable of making SOLDIERs lampshade-wearing, shrubbery-slaying, chocobo-carrying, falling-down drunk."

Rufus raised an eyebrow, then said with a sly grin, "Now, this is one story I've got to hear."

end of teaser

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