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COI Redux Sidestory - A Minor Inconvenience (FF7 post-AC AU)

Yet another previously posted sidestory, rewritten to fit in with COI Redux. Elaborates on President Shinra's comment about "a bastard child from a neurotic ex-mistress" in his email to Nyx in chapter 2.

As you might imagine, a mother like this doesn't bode well for Cloud's childhood. ^_^

Title: A Minor Inconvenience
Author: MadamHydra
Beta: none, very rough draft
Fandom: FF7 AU (COI-redux-verse)
Type: ficlet
Pairing/Characters: President Shinra/OC
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~1400
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and all related prequels and sequels belong to Square-Enix.

Summary: President Shinra resolves a minor domestic crisis.


-- "Conflicts of Interest Redux" is a MASSIVE rewrite of my old FF7 epic "Conflicts of Interest", which I started years before the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" existed.
-- The original game and Advent Children/Complete are canonic for this fic.
-- Before Crisis and Crisis Core are semi-canonic.
-- Various individual plot points from other components of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII (e.g., games, OVAs, FFVII novellas and short stories, etc.) may show up.


[ X-MAR-1986 ]

"But... but I don't want to go! I don't want to leave you!" Tears started to pour down the young, attractive blond-haired woman's face.

"My dear Bliss, I'm afraid that in light of your present condition, you simply cannot keep your present job, nor can you remain in Midgar." President Shinra watched his weeping ex-mistress -- and soon to be ex-secretary -- with a slight frown.

Clutching a damp handkerchief, she said, "But... but afterward... can I come back?"

"We'll see. Surely, you must realize the awkwardness of the whole situation."

"Yes, but...."

"Strive for some patience, Bliss."

"Patience! But you're not the one who has to sit around for six more months, getting fatter and uglier by the day!"

He gave her a cool, hard stare. "I gave you another option, but you were the one who insists on going through with this pregnancy."

"I know, but...." She hesitated, bit her lip, then whispered, "So... if I get rid of it, will you let me stay?" She stared up at him, her blue eyes full of desperate hope. "I mean, no more baby, no more problem, right?"

He got up and began to stroll around the palatial office, hands clasped behind his back.

"I wish that the solution was so easy. In fact, it would've been that easy if you'd been more discrete. Unfortunately, you've been flaunting your pregnancy and making certain claims -- namely, you've boasted to various individuals that I was going to marry you," he said sternly.

She flinched, then blurted, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay? I just got a little carried away! I wasn't thinking straight! I was so happy and I thought that you would be, too! I thought... I thought you loved me!"

"I never made you any promises of that sort, Bliss. On the contrary, YOU were the one who made promises to ME about no complications. Or have you conveniently forgotten that conversation?"

With a sob, she cried, "I know, I know, but I did it because I loved you! I wanted to give you another child, another heir! And why can't you marry me!? It's not like you need to get a divorce! Felicity is already dead!"

President Shinra eyed her coldly. "My dear, it simply won't do for me to marry my own sister-in-law less than two months after my wife's death. It raises certain... awkward... questions, especially given the circumstances of that death."

Bliss flinched again as she continued to twist and wring her handkerchief. Refusing to meet his gaze, she whispered, "I... I don't know what you're talking about."

"And then there's the matter of Rufus...."

"Your precious heir Rufus!" She choked out a harsh laugh. "Hah! I bet that brat isn't even yours!"

"Oh, he's mine, just like I know the child you're carrying is mine as well. DNA paternity tests are a wonderful thing, aren't they?" Shinra gave her a cold, thin-lipped smile. "I don't leave things like this up to chance."

She flushed deeply. "I've been completely faithful to you! Unlike Felicity! Why, I could tell you stories...."

"Enough of the mudslinging, Bliss. Your sister's dead and I -know- that Rufus is my child." President Shinra sighed, wondering why he had ever thought that bedding his gorgeous, but unstable sister-in-law was a good idea. "Well, let's put all that aside and deal with the situation at hand."

In a sullen voice, she muttered, "So you're punishing me by sending me away."

"It's not a matter of punishment at all. I'm just trying to do what's best for everyone."

Bliss stamped her high-heeled shoes against the floor like an angry child. "Everyone!? What about ME!? Why doesn't anyone care about ME!?"

"I am thinking about you. Really, it's clear the busy city life in Midgar is too much for someone of your sensitive nature. What you need is some peace and quiet."

"What I need is YOU!" she shouted, lunging at him and clutching at his suit lapels. "You're all I ever wanted!"

He firmly pried her fingers loose and held her away. "Only because I married Felicity and you wanted to steal me away from her."

He dropped her into a chair and said, "You'll be leaving tomorrow, so you'd better start packing. I'll make all the necessary arrangements. You'll be taken care of, whether you choose to keep the baby or not."

In a brief flash of spirit, she snapped, "Of course I'll keep him. He's YOUR son!"

"And perhaps even my heir... if something unfortunate were to happen to Rufus."

Her mouth curling into a sulky pout, Bliss muttered, "Well, it -could- happen. What will you do then?"

He stared back at her and said with casual cruelty, "There are plenty of other beautiful women out there willing to marry and bear the children of the most powerful man on the planet."

She lifted her tear-streaked face and gaped at him.

He loomed over her and said, "Listen to me carefully, Bliss. I'm not going to tolerate any more trouble from you. If you cooperate and behave yourself, you can have a nice, comfortable life. If you don't, there are other ways of handling this situation. Now, have I made myself perfectly clear?"

Shinra's cold, dispassionate tone made Bliss wilt. She gulped and nodded quickly.

"Good. Now wipe your face and go pack."

After a few moments, Bliss rose to her feet and stumbled out his office. She faltered when she saw the three Turks waiting for her in the reception area, but two of the dark-suited men grasped her by the elbows and briskly escorted her to the elevators.

The remaining Turk waited until Bliss was out of sight, then turned to his employer.

"What should we do with her, sir?"

"Hmmm.... Where to put her?" Shinra tapped his chin thoughtfully. "Costa del Sol? No, that won't work. Too public. Too easy for Bliss to cause trouble." He wandered over to the large map that nearly covered one wall of the reception area and studied it.

After a few minutes, he chuckled and said, "A small company town located deep in the mountains of the Western continent. Quiet, picturesque, and nicely isolated. It'll do."

"And the name of the town, sir?"



The Full Disclaimer:

All names, likenesses, and rights of Final Fantasy VII, its characters, and associated works are trademarks, copyright, and property of Square-Enix. The characters and associated materials of these works are used WITHOUT permission for the purpose of entertainment only. The author of this work claims no ownership, part or whole, of the original plot and characters. This work of fiction is not meant for sale or profit.

All original portions of this work is considered to be the sole property and copyrighted to the author Madamhydra. No part of this work is to be reproduced, altered, or adapted in any way without the author's express permission.


Tags: coi-redux, fanfic, ff7, ff7-fic

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