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Dissidia, hurray! ... or rather, Dissidia Ho-Yay!

I just got my greedy claws on Dissidia (US version) and just finished Destiny Story VII (i.e., Cloud's Story).

Yes, I know that I'm totally into the FFVII Ho-Yay. But seriously, the Dissidia cutscenes between Cloud and Sephiroth are so... delicious from the Ho-Yay (or more specifically, the Foe-Yay) POV. Mere subtext between Sephiroth and Cloud? Who are you trying to kid!?

Now admittedly, Cloud and Sephiroth's characterizations seem to be more from Kingdom Hearts than FFVII, but hell, -I'm- not complaining.

Sephiroth, you smug sexy manipulative obsessive bastard. ::drool::
Poor Cloud, so desperately in denial. ::evil smirk::

Damn, when is the museum going to unlock so I can rewatch the cutscenes? ::fidgets impatiently::
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