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It's dangerous to provoke the plot bunnies, but what the hell... ::shrug::

Yes, I'm feeling insanely reckless....

The Alphabet Drabble Meme (pilfered from icedark-elf and skeren)

Below is a listing of the alphabet. Please comment with a letter of your choice (that has yet to be chosen), a word that starts with that letter, and a character or pairing. I will then attempt to write a sentence (or drabble if the prompt hits me that hard ;P) from the word and pairing you choose.

Fandoms - preferably FFVII (and if you want a specific FF7-fic-verse, let me know). However, if you really, REALLY want it, you can pick ANY fandom that I've written for.... ::massive sweatdrop::

This Alphabet Drabble Meme is being crossposted to my InsaneJournal.

A - Alone: Sephiroth/Aeris (ref OT4) (FFVII) for mimi_sardinia
B - Buster Sword: Cloud, Aerith (FFVII) for silentorphan
C1 - Cuddles: Zack, Sephy (FFVII, CoI) for ladysephiroth
C2 - Claws: Sephrioth (+ Zack or OT4) (FFVII) for kitsune-wolf
D - Delirium: Zidane (FFIX) for gotti-chan
E - Eggnog: OT4 (FFVII, Feral) for shizuyue
F - Faint: Zack Cloud (FFVII) for keji-eternal
G - Greens: Cloud, Zack (FFVII, Feral) for sylenttails
H - Halloween: Duo, Heero (GW, Maxwell's Demon) for ladynero
I - Isolated: Cloud (FFVII, Synch) for jessara40k
J - Juxtaposition: Seph/Zack/Cloud (FFVII, CoI) for AI
K - Knowing: OT4 (FFVII, Feral) for dareetel
L1 - Listening: OT4 (FFVII) for mist-walker
L2 - Leash: Zack+OT4 (FFVII, Feral) for ladynero
M - Monster: Vincent/Lucrecia/Shelke (FFVII) for wngdng1
N - Nightmare: Sephiroth, Cloud (FFVII, Feral) for jessara40k
O - Ovulate: Seph/Zack/Cloud (FFVII) for ardwynna
P1 - Photogenic: 1x2 (GW) or ZxC (+S,A) (FFVII) for kikotei
P2 - Paradise: Vincent, Hojo (FFVII) for kittychan1986
Q - Quarantine: Zack/Cloud (FFVII) for seimeimiko
R - Reality: Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack (FFVII) for mist-walker
S - Smile: Sephiroth, Aeris, Zack, Cloud (FFVII) for pyrotechnik
T1 - Traumatised: Tifa (FFVII, Feral) for jessara40k
T2 - Taken: OT4 (FFVII, fic-verse) for croixsouillees
U - Unspoken: Rufus, Aeris, Elena (FFVII) for skeren
V - Vertigo: Seph/Zack (FF7, COI) for soloyuymaxwell
W1 - Wisteria: A/S/Z/C (FF7, Feral) for soloyuymaxwell
W2 - Warpath: OT4 (FFVII, fic-verse) for croixsouillees
X - X-Ray Glasses: Sephiroth (+ Zack, Cloud, Aeris) (FFVII) for icedark-elf
Y - Yesterday: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth (FFVII) for kittychan1986
Z - Zumanity: S/C/Z/A (FFVII, Feral) for trickersterchild

Yes, multiple prompts for a given letter are okay. But try to pick free letters first, please? ^_^;;

EDIT: I've got a full alphabet, yay!
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