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[Fic] Synchronicity 1/? (FF7 x FEAR AU)

Here it is, my very first installment for my "Rufus and Turks" claim in the Roads Diverged challenge. And as usual, the plot threatens to grow into a minor mega-epic. ::sigh::

Title: Synchronicity 1/?
Author: MadamHydra
Fandom: FF7 x F.E.A.R.
Pairing: none
Rating: R
Warning: violence, cannibalism
Theme: Meta - #1 - Crossover

Claim: Rufus/Turks
Wordcount: ~7300

Summary: "It is the way of men to make monsters. And it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers."

( "Fine, then you'd better get the lube ready and brace yourself for the assf**k of the century, bitch. 'Cause it's coming. You can mark my words on that." )

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