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Distractions distractions....

The last month has been a pretty much a big flat zero writing-wise.

It started with the end of the fiscial year, with all its attending frantic deadlines, etc. But I managed to get my bonus!

But I caught a cold, possibly from being run down from all the stress and work, so I couldn't enjoy my usual beginning of October break from work-related junk. Bleah.

Just as I recovering from the cold, I had some rather unfortunate family news, which basically ate up two full weeks and stressed me right into a cold relapse. Bleah beyond description.

And although I finally got a Slim PSP and Crisis Core, I've only been working on CC sloooowly.

Why, you might ask? Because I've been busy playing Team Fortress 2. ::faintly guilty twitch::

And what is Team Fortress 2, you might ask?

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a online, multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter), in which the player picks one of nine character classes (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy Weapon Guy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Spy), each with their advantages, disadvantages, and even personalities (complete with hilarious taunts). There are two teams -- Blu and Red -- which they compete on various maps for specific goals (e.g., capturing and/or defending certain areas, capturing the enemy's flag, etc).

The game's visual style is great -- it looks a lot like Pixar's "The Incredibles". But make no mistake, this isn't a cartoon for little kids. In pursuit of that goal, the player is expected -- nay, required! -- to inflict as much carnage and mayhem on the opposing players as possible. Because of the blood, violence, and gratuitious gory body parts (gibs) that tend to go flying, the game is naturally rated M for mature. Which is of no concern to me, seeing as how I'm a staid, respectable, mentally stable 30+ year old. ::maniacal cackle::

Being a online multiplayer game, naturally there are no convenient infinite life cheats. So yes, for once, I'm actually playing this game "for real", and I get shot or blown up or incinerated on a regular basis. As I've mentioned before, I'm seriously reflexed challenged. Fortunately, friendly fire is off so I don't have to worry about shooting my teammates. ^_^;;

But despite innumerable fatalities (e.g., carelessly running around a corner and getting rocketed in the face, etc.), Team Fortress 2 is an incredible amount of fun and great stress relief from depressing and mundane concerns.

I usually play a Medic -- a glove-snapping slightly mad doctor with a strong German accent -- on the general theory that I can help the team even with my sucky combat skills. And it's a nice ego-stroke because everyone thanks you (the game does it automatically and other players do it manually). Did I mention the Medic also wields a mean syringe gun and bonesaw? ::smirk:: But if I'm feeling a bit more sociopathic, it's the Pyro with his flamethrower. Or perhaps the Engineer with his deadly sentry guns (since I'm an engineer by education). ::evil grin::

TF2 - trailer 1

TF2 - trailer 2

"Meet the Engineer" trailer (and don't miss the counter sitting beside him!)

There are also "Meet the..." trailers for the Heavy Weapon Guy, Soldier, and Demoman which are also very funny. Do you see what I mean about personality? ^_-


But never fear! All is not quiet on the ficcing front! The next installment of Feral-verse is slowly growing plump and fat -- the plot bunnies have been busy feeding it.

And I've been working ideas on my first installment of the Roads Diverged challenge, which is due before Thanksgiving. O_o


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