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Adorable Amidamaru....

I put together a temporary gallery of Yoh's spirit Amidamaru in his spirit ball form. He'd make an adorable plushie, even with the swords. ::snicker:: Sakka-chan says he resembls a SD Battousai! ::giggle::

chibi Amidamaru piccies

Ren's spirit Basson (or Bason or goodness knows how many other ways it's spelled) is equally cute, especially when the poor spirit gets all teary-eyed. And Chocolove's jaguar spirit Mick turns into an incredibly cute kitty-ball-spirit-thingie. ^_^

Unfortunately, all this Shaman King watching has stirred up the Evil Plot Bunnies(tm). ::sound of ominous voodoo drums:: They've been whispering about a crossover between Shaman King and Tokyo Babylon/X -- the insidious beasts! >_< I think it's because of the Asakura and the Sumeragi are both supposed to be very famous families of spiritualists, so it would be quite plausible that they would know each other and cross paths. Hmmm.....

No, no! Bad Hydra! ::sprays copious amounts of anti-Plot Bunny repellent:::


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