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Crisis Core videos - Chocobo Mode summons (part 1 of 2)

Zack, you adorable dork. Who else would manage to acquire such silly (but useful) summons? ::glomp::

The LJ-cut will take a little while to fully load (due to the three videos), but trust me, it's well worth it. ::giggle::

The descriptions are excerpted from the Chocobo Mode thread (by X-Soldier) at the Advent Children Crisis Core Forums (just follow the instructions to access the Spoiler Forum).

Chocobo - Zack walks up casually, arms swinging. Then you see the Chocobo walking. They stop side by side, kneel down and jump into the air, spin, & then begin to descend with legs extended, and almost touching. Huge Chocobo footprints are shown on the ground around the enemies. (Damage to all enemies)

Tonberry - Turns, and runs after Zack who waves his hands trying to dissuade it. At the last moment, it trips on a rock, the knife slipping from it's grasp, and sending it barely over Zack's head into an enemy just behind for large damage. (Large damage to single enemy)

Cactuar - Cactuar comes onto the screen, Zack and the cactuar do a dance simultaniously and they both shoot out thousands of needles for lots of damage.

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