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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
Feral-verse - Contagion 4/? (FF7 AU) (very VERY rough draft)
56 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: September 22nd, 2007 04:03 am (UTC) (Link)
And that's not going to help the humans' case at all, is it?

Nope, not at all. Cloud's enhancements already make him feel isolated. Messing around with Sephiroth is only going to exacerbate that feeling.

Hmmm. Guess it depends on the set up. Zack is involved in my Keeper-verse, but even if he wasn't I've given them a telepathic/empathic link to compensate for their reluctance to speak to each other. With Responsive I had a required teacher-student relationship beforehand, and Sephiroth has a strong enough sense of duty to make that work by force of will. In Chosen, pre-Nibelheim, you've just about nailed what sort of relationship Sephiroth and Cloud had, and in my Handler continuity Zack's still their friend, a fairly close friend.

Well, that sort of illustrates my point, I think. The Cloud-Sephiroth relationship really needs the involvement of a Zack or some another mechanism (e.g., a telepathic/empathic link) in order to allow the relation to develop on an emotional level. But that's just my personal opinion....
56 hisses or Hiss in my ear....