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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
Feral-verse - Contagion 4/? (FF7 AU) (very VERY rough draft)
56 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
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madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: September 17th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
So, what exactly sent Cloud to the doctors and how badly was the freak-out?

I think Tifa mentions that it probably has something to do with Geostigma. As for how bad was the freak-out? By outward appearences, probably not that bad -- probably lots of tension, hyperalertness, that sort of thing. But inwardly, things were probably pretty chaotic. In other words, Cloud was probably teetering on the very brink of physically taking out his stress on someone -- probably the nearest doctor.

Would you be willing to write that as a side story or even flash back?

Gah, don't tempt my plot-beasties right now! I've got too much work do to. ;_;

And love the conversation between Cid and Cloud, and Tifa and Cait.


She's still hanging on to the idea that Cloud is her true love isn't she? *rolls eyes* At least she's not wearing pink or talking about world peace.

I suppose she has talked herself into that mindset. Tifa's probably used to people chasing after her, but with Cloud, she's always having to be the chaser. That probably explains why she's feeling so defensive, possessive, and insecure about the whole situation with Zack.

*bounces* More Turks! Beautiful! And I remember those names from the story you wrote about the Turks talking about the aftermath of the SOLDIER party....

If the Turks thought a human Rufus was a handful, they ain't seen nothing yet!

That's right. Same names, same personalities. So I'm lazy. ^_^;
56 hisses or Hiss in my ear....