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Crisis Core FMV - intro (+ translation)

Oh. My. Friggin'. God.

Who gives a damn if you're just a SOLDIER, Second Class, at the moment.

Zack, you SO kick ass, you smexy hottie!

::melts into adoring puddle of Zack-fangirl goo::

EDIT: Here's a rough translation of the scene, courtesy of Schala-Kitty at the Advent Children Crisis Core Forums.

Mission Control: The train is headed toward Midgar Sector 8.
Mission Control: SOLDIERs have been dispatched and are directed to capture it while still on the plate.
Mission Control: 3, 2, 1, Mark!
Mission Control: Mission start
Angeal: The train is occupied by Wutai forces.
Angeal: Eliminate them and recapture the train.
Zack: Roger!
Angeal: Take it seriously!

Angeal: Zack!
Angeal: Zack, concentrate.
Angeal: These are not Shinra troops on this train. Understand?

Zack: (After being shot at) So complicated…

Zack: (Jokingly to his opponent) Greetings!

Zack: (As he separates the cars) SOLDIER Second Class Zack on duty!

Now I really REALLY want a Zack. Pretty please?
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