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::sheepish grin::

Instead of writing, I've been mildly obsessed with working on a new crochet project. You see, I've developed this unhealthy addiction to handpainted laceweight yarn -- silk, mohair, alpaca, wool... you name it. I'm like a magpie with the stuff.

And the good stuff's expensive. Not quite as obscenely expensive as pure cashmere, but it ain't cheap. And when I say 'laceweight', I'm talking about nearly thread-like in weight. Not easy to handle -- like wrangling a cobweb! -- but it's SOOOO pretty! ^_^;;;

Anyway, this is the start of the project -- a scarf made up of triangular crocheted modules.

Unfortunately, the picture didn't quite capture real beauty of the yarn -- the dark shade is actually a very, very deep purple and the tan portions are really golden brown. But yes, that emerald green is really that vibrant.

And as a measure of scale for the actual yarn, those marker rings are a little less than a 1/2" in diameter.

Now I only need to make 6-8 more of these (depending on how far my yarns goes). -_-

But on the plus side, while I'm madly crocheting, soon-to-be-feral-Cloud and feral-Cid are working on an interesting and rather humorous chat in my head(s). ::evil grin::

Amusing Sidenote: One of my favorite yarn companies has a very attractive multi-colored gold colorway. Check out color 11C on their website Alchemy Yarns (2nd row, 3rd item from the left -- click the text for a better picture).

And what they call this pretty golden colorway? Full Metal Alchemist. I kid you not!

Hmmmm... someone in the company is a FMA fan, perhaps? ^_-
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