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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
Feral-verse - Contagion 3/? (FF7 AU, Feral-verse)
54 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: June 9th, 2007 01:12 am (UTC) (Link)
The little plot-holes are really great.

Eek! There are plot-holes? O_o

Yes it makes things a little confusing, but it's a comfortable confusion.

Well, as long as I'm not confusing the heck out of you, I guess it's okay, then.

And no, I'm even quite content without COI for the first time in .. a lot of time! Of course I'm still denying any kind of interest in this (because i'm NOT reading it, I'm not I'm not I'm NOT), but ... ... ... *trying to find some way of saying that I'm interested without saying I'm interested* ... ... ... keep it coming ^-^

Don't worry. COI is alive and well. The COI-plotbunnies have been pushed back by the forces of the Feral-plotbeasties, but the COI forces are building their forces and could counter-attack at any moment. Yes, my imagination is a scary, scary place. ^_^;;

Whether COI or Feral-verse, my main goal is to keep writing something.

And PS: I'm loving the strong characterisation.

I'm glad that this part seems to be making sense to people. I was really worried. I'd been working on it for so long, I wasn't sure if I was moving the story forward in a coherent fashion and not merely babbling.
__perplexity__ From: __perplexity__ Date: June 9th, 2007 10:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Ack, ok, awfully bad phrasing and I'm sorry - when I said 'plot-holes' I really just meant the things we don't know about, not things that have been badly missed out or anything! *head hanging* I'm sorry about that one.

Good god I love the imagery of COI-bunnies versus Feral-beasts. Particularly the picture of Feralbeast-Cloud launching himself at COI Sephiroth, and the General's indignant cry of "HEY, you don't even remember Feral-Me!"

And indeed, story = forward, mere babbling = not there.
54 hisses or Hiss in my ear....