MadamHydra (madamhydra) wrote,

Update on the LJ fiasco

(I wanted to edit my previous entry, but now LJ is not letting me do that. Gee, thanks!)

LJ has apparently UN-suspended about half of the 500 or so of the deleted suspended journals.

Which is nice and all, but all this tell me is that whatever 'review' or screening process that LJ used to determine if a journal promotes or advocates real-world pedophilia and child-endangering activites completely and totally sucks. I mean, HALF!?

This sort of 'oopsie!' ratio tells me that LJ suspended many of the accounts solely based on the 'interests' entries and didn't bother to skim through the contents of many (if not most) of the journals.

Again, an adequate start to cleaning up the mess, but the mess could have been largely avoided with just a little time, thought, and effort. Sheesh!

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