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Oh no, not another new anime obsession!

Argh! I started buy the US Shonen Jump because I was interested in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but somehow... somehow, I got sucked into reading Shaman King! O_o It sounded so interesting that I had to go download the anime episodes.

Initial thoughts on characters....

Yoh - damn, what a sweetheart and charmer! Reminds me of Yugi, but more laid-back and with kickass fighting abilities to boot. Seriously, he makes me want to grab and snuggle him. He might squeak at first, then then he'd relax with a 'it's cool' attitude. He's going to be SO gorgeous when he gets a bit older. ::dreamy sigh::

Anna - a young lady with a brutally no-nonsense attitude. And she has serious power as well! Thank heaven for a female character that doesn't need to be constantly rescued! ::waves pompoms:: Acts like a callous bitch, but IMHO, there's no question that she loves Yoh and harasses him for his own good. As you might guess, I'm definitely a Yoh x Anna fan. ^_^

Ren - quite the bristly sort, isn't he? But his acquaintance with Yoh has definitely changed him from being homicidally hostile to merely charmingly broody/grouchy. ::snicker::

Manta - adorable near-chibi. Enough said.

Lyserge - he annoys me. Really he does. He acts like a selfish, tempermental brat. Yeah, yeah, I know he had a traumatic childhood, etc., etc., but I still don't like how he's ready to chuck people and spirits aside in his blind quest for revenge. And the way he sucks up that Jeanne's holier-than-thou preachings is even more annoying. Bleah! I get so aggravated with fanatics of almost any sort, whether they be religious, political, social, animal rights, environmental, dietary, etc. I don't mind people having diffing opinions, but I seriously object when they try to impose their opinions on me! >_<

::cough:: Sorry for the mini-rant. Those sorts of people are one of my greatest pet peeves. ::mutters something nasty about politicans who persist in trying to impose their conservative morals on everybody else::

Anyway, back to watching more Shaman King episodes....


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