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Rufus gone furry and wild....

Yes, yes, I'm working on Contagion and blatant Zack-nuzzling. But unfortunately, it's taking a fair bit of setup to get to that point, damn it. Which explains my penchant for my complete inability to write PWPs and my tendency to write future-time snippets -- things in my stories just can't happen out of the blue, I have a compulsive need to spell out (at least somewhat) how the plots gets from point A to point B. ::sigh::

And my Feral-verse plot-beasties (especially the feral-Rufus plot-foxy) have been running rampant through my brain, thanks to:
-- (1) playing too much Okami;
-- (2) (re)reading Love Pistols (aka "Sex Pistols") by Tarako Kotobuki.

I think I've finally figured out a nice powerset for feral-Rufus -- I'm going to borrow some of the brush god powers from the PS2 video game Okami. ^_^ So each tail will probably have a different power (e.g., power slash, rejuvenation, various elemental powers, cherry bomb, etc.) ^_^

Also, I have a nice setup (I think) for kitsune-Rufus' appearance. Ah, the impeding joy of Reno jaw-dropping and then getting held down and scent-marked as Rufus-property via foxy cheek-rubbing. Yes, I know that's a feline way of scent-marking and foxes normally scent-mark by urine and feces. But I wouldn't do that to poor Reno (or Tseng). Really, I wouldn't. So Rufus (and all the Cetra ferals) gets the ability for face-based (and paw-based) scent-marking, just purely for aesthetics....

But I can SO picture this scene! ::evil cackle::


Reno: (spazz) Rufus became a fox!

Reeve: (shock) Rufus is under the delusion he's a fox?

Reno: No, no! He actually turned into a fox! With fur and nine fuckin' tails!

Reeve: O_o

Cloud: (casual) Oh, well that explains the smell.

Reno: Huh?

Cloud: You're basically wearing a scent-based "Private Property of Rufus. KEEP OFF!" sign.

Reno: Shit! So you're telling that's why Rufus held me down with a paw and rubbed his damn furry face all over me, just so he could use me as a damn walking scent post?!? What the hell!?

Cloud: (appallingly nonchalant) Be grateful. Foxes usually mark territory with urine and feces. Or he could've jerked off on you.

Reno: O_O

Reeve: x_x

Cloud: (looks around) What? ^__^

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