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Back to the salt mines....

The good news -- I (and my bags) made it to San Jose and back home again in one piece without missing a single flight or connection.

The meh news -- Barely any time to recover before it's back to the old, slogging grind of work. Argh!!! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! ::throws tantrum::

The bad news -- I didn't get nearly as much writing done as I hoped. Between the jet lag and the day-long company tours, I was exhausted and fell sound asleep at the slightest excuse on the wonderful king-sized bed. Hotel rooms are surprisingly comfortable at single occupancy. ^_-

The plotbunnies are doing their best to lay one hell of a guilt trip on me, damn it. Okay! Okay! I got the message! Damn tyrant-bunnies. >_>

Now, what should I work on next? Feral-verse "Contagion" (complete with Zack-nuzzling)? Or Feral-verse "five years later" (complete with Sephiroth being snarky to Tifa)?
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