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Gasp! A work-related field trip! ::clutches chest::

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Well, on Monday, I'm off on a work-related field trip out to the West Coast (for 'educational purposes'), and I'm going to be gone for a full week. So if you don't hear a peep out of me, don't worry that the plotbunnies have deserted me -- they NEVER leave me alone -- it just means I can't get the wireless stuff on my new laptop to work.

Now, the hotel claims that it has free wireless internet access in every room, so I may be able to keep in touch, but who knows? It's going to be a grand experiment because my laptop doesn't have a phone modem and I've never tried the wireless thing. O_o

Some of my co-workers are all set to go bar- and club-crawling in the evenings, but that's definitely NOT my thing so I hope to be able to do a good bit of writing in the hotel room, internet access or not. And there won't be the usual niggling home distractions. Who knows? I might have stuff to post either on the road or when I get back home. ^_^

I'm bringing a few small crochet projects to occupy myself, too. I recently picked up some gorgeous hand-painted yarn stuff from Blue Heron and Colinette, and now I'm itching to do something with them. I've been concentrating on knitting recently, but I figure between the airport security (crochet hooks being more innocuous than knitting needles) and all the possible interruptions (only having to worry about one loop and not about dropping a whole row), crochet is much better suited for travel.

I haven't been on a plane since grad school (nearly 13 years), so a lot has changed in air travel. So now I have to go through my carry-on stuff and make sure I don't have prohibited items. I even printed out the page on the TSA (Transportation Security Adminstration) which says that crochet hooks are permitted, subject to security's discretion. But if I have to, I can always listen to Harry Potter (excerpts from all 6 books) in my iPod. Extra battery pack for iPod - check!

Ack! So much stuff left to do!
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