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Feral Turks on the prowl....

I have this mad desire to give Rufus and the Turks fox-like alter-forms. Yes, this is just an excuse to have a youko-Rufus (a la Yu Yu Hakusho) and/or to have Rufus go nine-tails Kyuubi (a la Naruto) at some point. He would make a lovely gold, multi-tailed fox, of course -- cunning and sneaky. Reno would make a great red fox and Tseng would be black, of course. Admittedly, foxes are not in the standard Final Fantasy bestiary, but hey, it's -my- AU! :P

FYI, 'earth' 'skulk' or 'leash' are commonly accepted collective nouns for a group of foxes. ^_-

soloyuymaxwell gets all the blame for this demented idea because she sicced her damn spare plotfoxies on me! ::growl::

EDIT 1: I just realized that in numerous depictions, 'feral' is not that far off from Reno's natural state of mind, so not much would really change for him, except the shapeshifting and loads more power. ....Okay, I can see that in the war against the feral virus, Reno would pretty much be a lost cause. ::snerk::

EDIT 2: I still can't think of a good alter-form for Reeve. For some reason, 'coyote' keeps popping up. Hmmm..... ::ponder::
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