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COI - Ficlet: Dirty Laundry (crackish) - Convolutions of an Evil Mind — LiveJournal
COI - Ficlet: Dirty Laundry (crackish)
36 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
icedark_elf From: icedark_elf Date: April 9th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC) (Link)
I love how Zack told the truth, and didn't at the same time.

This is why I love him so. So much doubletalk.
madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: April 9th, 2007 02:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Zack's such a chatterbox, it's easy to assume that he's just blurting everything out without really thinking -- which is why most people are under the impression that he's a honest, sincere guy -- but at least for COI-Zack, that's definitely not true. He's a sly wolfie. ^_-
36 hisses or Hiss in my ear....