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Curiously appropriate sayings for various COI characters

I came across this website called, where they sell Demotivation posters, which are hilarious parodies of those all too common 'get up and go!' motivational posters.

And some of them seem delightfully appropriate for COI. ::demented snicker::


This one applies equally well to Cloud, Sephiroth, and just might apply -- heh! -- to Rufus. ^_-
Demotivator - Madness

For you-know-who, the pissy psycho bastard.
Demotivator - Strife

This one's for Sephiroth and perhaps Strife.
Demotivator - Power

Some people could say that this applies to both Sephiroth and Rufus. ^_-
Demotivator - Beauty

Yet another one for Rufus.
Demotivator - Pretension

Another one for Strife
Demotivator - Insanity

Perhaps this applies to young-Cloud? ^_^;;
Demotivator - Pressure

And another one for young-Cloud, poor kid.
Demotivator - Bitterness

And last, but certainly not least! ^_^
Demotivator - Despair

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