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COI - random snippet: Sephiroth to the rescue (spoilers!) - Convolutions of an Evil Mind — LiveJournal
COI - random snippet: Sephiroth to the rescue (spoilers!)
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madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: April 2nd, 2007 08:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: From:WolfishSerenity

So then, am I to understand that Zack and Cloud are basically a fused being/conciousness, since Zack had the chocobo feathers as apart of his symbolic-body? @_@

Yes, at the moment Zack and Cloud are a fused consciousness. Normally, the present-day Cloud is dominant, with Zack constantly lurking in his subconscious (and hence, affecting things like body language, etc.). However, with Sephiroth's reawakening, the Zack aspect becomes increasingly dominant at times. I guess that the best way to put it is that Sephiroth's and Zack's minds naturally resonate with each other.

Or is it like...that since Zack spent so long trying to keep Cloud safe, that when Strife finally took over, Zack did something similar to "mercy killing" and merged Cloud and himself together, so Cloud would never have to suffer alone?

Nope, Zack didn't do anything to 'take over' Cloud's body. Due to the nature of the experimentats on Cloud, Zack was completely unaware that his thoughts and personality was invading Cloud's mind. At the moment in COI, Zack still really isn't aware of himself as a distinct personality, probably due to the traumatic nature of his 'migration' into Cloud. When Cloud destroyed his own mind in his attempt to 'kill' Strife, it basically left a big gaping void in Cloud's mind. And since Zack was a strong, but not too coherent presence in Cloud's mind, he naturally ended up filling that mental vacuum. Except it was a rather rough transition for the poor guy, so he's not all together there, either. It's very hard to explain, but let's just say that Zack is currently just constant low level background noise in Cloud's head. -_-;;;

=O Or did Strife do it, out of hatred for both Cloud and Zack, and their...likeness of each other?

Nope, Strife didn't have anything to do with Zack taking over Cloud's body. At that moment, Strife was severely wounded by Cloud's attempt to destroy him and was hiding deep away, licking his wounds.

Too many questions, I know. But I think I remember in the story that Cloud (as in Cloud, the second conciousness) was created from a part of Zack, so like.. maybe it's that Zack took that part of himself back.

I know it's confusing. The scientists managed to implant a near perfect copy of Zack's personality and memories into Cloud's mind. When Cloud's mind finally and totally broke from guilt (over killing Zack), that Zack copy filled the void.
44 hisses or Hiss in my ear....