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COI - random snippet: Sephiroth to the rescue (spoilers!) - Convolutions of an Evil Mind — LiveJournal
COI - random snippet: Sephiroth to the rescue (spoilers!)
44 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: March 31st, 2007 02:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
i>I realize this snippet is probably from somewhere far in the future of the story, but I think you have so much going on plot-wise that you don't need Seph going out of his head again (no, scratch that-- I know he's actually becoming *more* aware of himself and his thoughts with this mental transformation, but I sense more Sephiroth-rampage brewing on the horizon and after all his rampaging throughout FF7, it feels like we've already been there, done that).</i>

Actually, shocking as it might be, there are no real Sephiroth rampages on the immediate horizon. Sane!Sephiroth is still in there somewhere, hanging on (barely) and following his own personal agenda. No, he's certainly not on Jenova's and Hojo's bandwagon. And no, he's not out to destroy or take the world (at the moment).

And yes, Zack's definitely going to be most unhappy about that agenda and the means Sephiroth plans to use to achieve it. In fact, it just might be the one thing Zack may find very hard (bordering on impossible) to forgive Sephiroth for... and Sephiroth knows it, but he's going to do it anyway. ::innocent whistle::

Of course, Sephiroth's character needs to develop, but I would really enjoy seeing the tiny bits of good (or at least, not-supervillainously-evil) in him come out for us and our more susceptible heroes to marvel at. ^^ I know he's got his pride and isn't going to be all sappy-happy with Avalanche (cuz I'm sure they wouldn't allow it either), but maybe... at least with some of the less embittered ones, a bit of begrudging respect bordering on like might build up?

I think that the less emotionally involved members of AVALANCHE already recognize that sane!Sephiroth is very different from the insane!Sephiroth from before. But at the same time, they're understandably wary. But as they see him interact with Zack!Cloud and the other SOLDIERs, they will see that while he might not be an exactly an easily likable person, but he's definitely not a monster.

The willingness of the others to give sane!Sephiroth a chance to gain their respect and perhaps even trust is going to be a big part of Tifa's (and by extension, Barret's problem) because it leaves her as the odd one out. She's in constant danger of being pushed to the outside, alienated, being viewed as being unreliable and even irrational because of her clear resentment, bitterness and obvious antagonism toward Sephiroth. Worst of all, Tifa knows it. The others are all focused on saving the Planet, even if it means working with Sephiroth, and here Tifa is, constantly harping on about old history with insane!Sephiroth and being almost smotheringly over-protective of Cloud.

44 hisses or Hiss in my ear....