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Contemplating Cetra genes... - Convolutions of an Evil Mind — LiveJournal
Contemplating Cetra genes...
21 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
madamhydra From: madamhydra Date: March 7th, 2007 10:16 am (UTC) (Link)
I would give Vince an Attack/Heal combo with that. Vincent has this thing about wanting to fix people, and taking their blame upon himself. We don't know if the shape shifting thing was inherent to him, or if it's a genome that Hojo hardwired into his. So Vincent could technically have a three part set.

Cetra genes are not just about the tendency or desire to behave in certain ways, the genes provide the actual abilities to carry out those behaviorial tendencies. Therefore, the mere desire to fix people, etc., is not the same as actually having the ability or potential to do it. Aeris clearly has both the desire to heal AND the abilities which enable her to heal.

Similarly, the mere desire to dominate and control others does not mean that the individual has the Cetra-type abilities to do so.

Hojo I'd give a double dose of command, it's the only way he could have kept something as intensely violent as Seph under control.

There's no indication that Hojo used anything except physical and mental intimidation to keep Sephiroth under control when he was young. Therefore, Hojo didn't 'compel' Sephiroth's obedience in the 'mind control' sense of the term. However, if we give Hojo the Persuade gene, then it's perfectly plausible that Hojo could convince Sephiroth to submit to his authority.

Cloud, I'd actually be mean to. I'd think that the Cetra would have some sort of 'Notice me not, I'm not important' Gene, which explains why Aeris was able to hide like she did. I'd give him an attack/notice-me-not. Only with Cloud, who focused on so much Negative in his childhood and young adult hood, this now projects the negative, reinforced self image he has of himself.

I'm definitely considering giving Cloud doubled combat genes. But something like Veil is a possible tertiary gene. ^_^

Reno I would give a protect/attack combo. it works for him. He wants desperately to protect his comrades and his family. He's also insanely strong.

The possession of multiple Cetra genes should be rare, so Reno probably would have only one high-level combat-type gene, or possibly only a generic lower level combat-type gene.

Tseng, Strangely enough, I would give a bind/protect combo. He, like Zack, attracts a certain degree of almost blind faith. He's just fairly selective about it. He's also protective, but also picky about whom that sphere extends to.

That sounds like a plausible combo for Tseng, but I would give him a lower level equivalent of Bind. Or he can have Persuade.

I would give Reeve one gene, not two, and that would be protect. Or maybe a double dose of protect.

Well, since Cetra genes are about both desire AND ability, I would personally give Reeve an intelligence-related gene. Create would sound like a good possibility.

Cid doesn't need one, but if there were any special skill regarding flying or float, Cid would have it.

Possibly a lower level gene. ::ponder::

The compel gene is one that several people could use. If you ever notice how some people can innately make the atmosphere in a room change. I might give that one to Savios. Or to Zack.

As I said before, people like Lucrecia and Hojo probably have something lower-level like Persuade because they CAN'T actually force people to obey them. Zack's Bind, being a high level gene, already encompasses Persuade.

As for Savois... that's a secret. ^_-

It’s a very interesting thread to start, Madam. Very interesting.

Thanks! ^_^
21 hisses or Hiss in my ear....