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I've HAD IT with all my pesky muses and rabid plot bunnies!!! >_< It's time to bring some order to all this creative chaos. Therefore, I'm going to try a more disciplined approach to my writing -- the old "Let's pick a fic out of the hat" method. ::demented snigger::

I'm taking a small, random quotation generator and editing the quotation file to list all the fandoms for my fics. Every evening, I'm going to run the program and let it pick a fic for me to work on for at least one hour. Certain fics have multiple entries, so they have a greater probability of getting picked, but every fic gets at least a small chance.

How do I decide which fics get more entries (i.e., greater chances of getting picked)? Only my personal whims, although constructive feedback or C&C messages will definitely have an influence. Yeah, I'm a such a feedback whore. ^_-

::takes a deep breath:: Hopefully this will force me to work on a fic -- any fic -- instead of simply dithering around and spinning my wheels. We'll see if it helps....


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