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Post-Otakon damage assessment

Well, Amy-chan and I got back from Otakon Sunday and basically crashed with an earth-shattering THUD. Had lots of fun, bought mucho dollars worth of stuff. I was feeling mildly guilty about splurging on the Trinity Blood artbook, but felt much better later on because Amy-chan outdid my splurge with a terrific Wild Adapter print which was definitely YUMMY.

-- Artbooks - Trinity Blood, Kyou Kara Maou, Salty Dog IV (Minekura), etc.
-- Japanese Manga - Wild Adapter 5, Saiyuki Reload 6-7, Kyou Kara Maou 1, FullMetal Alchemist 13-14, and a few others
-- a slew of Kyou Kara Maou and xxxHolic merchandise (cards, stickers, folders, pencil boards, etc.)
-- an "Evil Keeps Me Young" t-shirt. ::cackle::

Speaking about being evil, Amy-chan did a pretty darn good imitation of E-V-I-L personified. She helped me get my COI plot bunnies energetically hopping with a long brainstorming session on COI as we sorted out how to work Rufus and more Turks into the plot, as well as organize the characters into various subgroups.

But then Amy-chan treacherously sabotaged any attempt at writing by oh-so-casually mentioning some terrific Kingdom Hearts II fics (involving Sora, Riku, and Kairi in a OT3). So now here I am, obsessively hunting for good KH ficcies involving threesomes, foursomes, 4-1/2-somes, 5-somes, and on up. If that happened to any other group of characters, this would all be a frightfully decadent orgy as well as a grand debauch.

But with the KH2 crew, it... well, it just feels right (IF done properly so as not to be overly cutsie or trite).

So it's all Amy-chan's fault if I don't get any new COI stuff written any time soon AND if I get distracted writing KH2 fics. -_-;;;

::slithers off to looks for even more (good) KH2 ficcies::

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