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Waking up to the Clatter o' Doom

There's nothing quite like sleepily groping for one's glasses in the morning, bump them, and hear something clatter loudly on the bedside table.

Yes, with that mild little bump, my eyeglass frames snapped and one of my lenses was now roaming loose in my bedroom.

Now for some people, this might not be a big deal and only a minor inconvenience, but since I'm horribly near-sighted, it's one of those profoundly annoying "well, SHIT" moments. No, I don't wear contacts for various reasons -- my prescription is extremely strong and somewhat wacky, the air quality in the city I live majorly sucks (pollen counts regularly in the 1000s), etc.

Luckily, three years ago, I splurged and bought a pair of prescription sunglasses at about the same time as I got my now-broken pair. So at least I could SEE where I was going. This is significant, because without my glasses, I only see things clearly if they're within 6 inches of my nose. I kid you not.

Viewing my LCD monitor with sunglasses on was rather tricky due to both the sunglasses and the monitor being polarized in different directions -- tilt my head the wrong way and I couldn't see a damn thing. Try it yourself.

I have the unfortunate tendency of not buying new glasses until forced to (i.e., the old ones break) because eyeglass shopping is such a pain. Some people have the luxury of being to choose their glasses based purely on aesthetics. In contrast, I consider myself lucky if I can find something that will fit both me and my prescription, and not make me look like a total dork.

-1- The frames have got to be titanium because I'm allergic to nickel, so add at least $50 extra for that.
-2- The lenses have to be the right size (not too big) and non-rectangular because my prescription is so strong because even under the best circumstances, the edges of my lenses are easily over 1/2 inch
-3- They have to be of the highest index and lightest weight available, due to the prescription (so add on at least $100 for that)
-4- My eyes are close together so the lenses have to be relatively close together, too, but my face is broad, so the frames have to be wide enough.
-5- I can't see a damn thing without glasses so I have to rely on other people to tell me how I look in various frames.

You get the general idea. Note that none of the above requirements take into account personal whims about fashion or style. Sadly, I will never be able to wear that dashing pair of Raybans or designer sunglasses, although my boring functional pair probably costs as much, if not more. Fortunately, my health insurance provides a very hefty discount, otherwise, I'd be easily shelling out $350+ for each pair of glasses. O_o When I see ads for glasses at $99, I always laugh.

So between a visit to the eye doctor -- because if you're going to drop $100s on a pair of glasses, you damn well better make sure your prescription is correct -- and looking for a pair that would fit, and waiting for over 2 hours for the Lenscrafter lab to get the glasses ready (no 'glasses in 1 hour' for me!), my day was pretty much gone.

However, I may be a few hundred dollars poor, but at least I now can see properly. ::great sigh of relief::

BTW, my new eyeglass frames are "violet rose" and have tiny rhinestones on the sides. But I figure that if someone's close enough to notice them, they're seriously invading my personal space. So there. Hmph.


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