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Oi oi...!

Ugh. I got through the optional boss battle with Sephiroth in the most clumsiest way imaginable. ::cringes with utter embarrassment:: Then again, as I have mentioned many times before, my eye-hand coordination sucks total vacuum.

Thank GOD that the infinite life cheat (for Codebreaker) in Kingdom Hearts 2 worked even through Sephiroth's Heartless Angel attack -- the infinite life cheat in the first KH game didn't, which is why I never finished that Sephiroth battle. ::sulk::

Oi. I know the appropriate strategies, but trying to implement them was a whole other matter. My poor Sora spent most of the battle caught up in various combos that undoubtedly would have killed him a thousand times over if not for the infinite hp cheat. ::pets her Codebreaker:: In fact I did the most damage by spamming the hell out of Reflectaga and Magnetega whenever I had any MP -- thank goodness for infinite MP cheats, too! Oh, and a Magic stat of 250+ certainly didn't hurt. ^_- He also had a 250+ Strength stat as well, but I had a ridiculously hard time closing within striking range. ::sigh::

But the chance to watch Cloud and Sephiroth go at it was worth it! *_*

EDIT: moved the stuff about the AC sims up into its own entry
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