MadamHydra (madamhydra) wrote,

Random observations on Kingdom Hearts 2.....

(1) Regarding various characters:
-- Sora is adorably cute but shows unmistakable signs of total hotness to come. And with those fighting skills and drives of his, he's one cutie you do NOT want as your enemy.
-- Riku and Leon are both hot in a cool, stoic, bad boy sort of way. Yummy!
-- Cloud (Advent version) is so... so... ::drools::
-- Sephiroth is... is....! ::gibbers happily::
-- Cloud and Leon exchanging quips while fighting back to back...smok-ing!
-- Cloud and Sephiroth close together in any way, shape, or form.... priceless!

(2) Aerith's voice sucks -- breathy and wimpy. Ick. Tifa's voice was okay.

(3) Gummi ship missions are fun... especially when you're invincible!

(4) The critics who complained that KH2 is a buttonmasher are somewhat correct. ::hugs her turbo controller::

(5) I -SO- wanted smack Simba numerous times for being such a spineless moper. Did he wallow in angst and emotional insecurity so much in the movie? I mean, this big male lion comes off looking so pathetic when compared to lion-cub Sora, who's small but so fiercely determined. Loser Simba! -_-

(6) Maleficent may be an evil, scheming bitch, but damn, she certainly has STYLE.

(7) I feel so bad for Axel, in all sorts of ways. For losing his best friend Roxas and for ::mumblespoilermumble:: I don't care if Nobodies are supposed to have no hearts -- Axel clearly CARES about Roxas.

(8) Why, oh why is it that one of the most poignant moments in both KH and KH2 (in my opinion) comes at the end of the 100 Acre Woods worlds, when Sora has to leave Pooh and the others behind? ::bawl sniffle bawl::

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