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It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

Well, my writing time has been nonexistent for the last week and I anticipate that things will not get any better for a good month or more. Why? Because spring is apparently the "Season 'o the RPGs", at least for 2006. For months and months, there's nothing I find interesting and then BOOM! three eagerly awaited RPGs are scheduled for release in the space of less than a month!

(1) Shadow Hearts III: From the New World
(2) Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
and last, but certainly not least
(3) Kingdom Hearts II

Oh, and did I mention that it's the end of the quarter at work, with all its attendant nervewracking, impossible deadlines? :P

At the moment, I'm playing Shadow Hearts: From the New World. While people have complained that the latest Shadow Hearts game is not as good as Shadow Hearts: Covenant (the second game in the Shadow Hearts series), especially in regard to plot, I've found the game rather entertaining. All the Shadow Hearts games are an absolutely cracked sense of humor and the third one is no exception. I mean, what other RPG series gives you characters like a narissistic vampire pro-wrestler, a guitar-wielding Desperado clone, a giant cat who's a master of Drunken Fist kungfu, an absolutely bonkers hero-wannabe who's a master of South American ninja arts (WTF!?), and so on? ::mad snigger:: Actually.... ::nervously peek around:: I found certain aspects of the game SO interesting that it spawned a fairly sizable plot bunny involving post-game Johnny, Lady, and Killer. Hopefully jotting down notes and scene snippets will suffice to keep that plot bunny placated. My main goal here is to finish my 2nd playthru of the game before March 28.

Why, you may ask? Because on March 28, Kingdom Hearts II comes out! ::trumpet fanfare::

And let's not forget Oblivion, hmm? The joy of playing RPGs on PCs is that they're so easily cheatable. No messing around with pesky cheat devices or cryptic codes. Just open up the handy-dandy command console and tweak things to your heart's content -- I'll take 'god mode', thank you.

So for the next month (at least!), I'm going to be horribly sleep-derived, both my back and butt are going to ache like hell, and my wrists are going to hate me. So call me a gaming masochist. ^_-
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