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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
If it weren't for the gutter, my mind would be homeless.
At the moment, I'm suffering from a persistent infestation of fic-roaches, triggered by an encounter with the works of Tori Maia, who does simply wonderful BDSM yaoi manga such as Hoshi no Yakata (Palace of Stars) and Sadistic Boy.

Did I mention that the fic-roaches are BDSM fic-roaches? Evil, utterly debauched BDSM fic-roaches? And that they're holding my COI-fic-weasels hostage until I scribble them down? ^_^;;

WARNING - Tori Maia's works are definitely hardcore BDSM yaoi with explicit sexual content!

Yeah, like that's going to stop most of you guys -- you know who you are. ::snort::

For the curious, you can see examples of her work on Tori Maia's homepage and Muraki's Tori Maia page. Note -- like some other artists, her black and white drawings tend to be better than her full color art.

And make things even more decadently delightful, her stories even have mostly romantic happy (and dare I say even slightly WAFFy) endings. O_o

Argh, there's ANOTHER one! ::futilely swipes at yet another scuttling fic-roach::

The latest fic-roach is an unholy combination of Tori Maia's works, Ai no Kusabi, G-Defend, Kill the Crows (check Amparo Bertram's summaries of this fascinating series of novels), Ayano Yamane's Finder series, and god knows how many other series.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. ::evil cackle::

Come on now, try and understand
The way I feel under your command

("Because the Night" by 10,000 Maniacs)

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Current Music: Because the Night - 10,000 Maniacs

1 hiss or Hiss in my ear....
mukanshin From: mukanshin Date: February 9th, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
You had me at BDSM. *sniffles* Why must you always tease me~ Surely I cannot look at that yummy stuff whilst at work. Which unfornately I am. *la whistful sigh* Must steal 'puter time once I get home. X3~

*feeds scuttling little fic-roaches* Now be good little scuttling fic-roaches and work with the COI-fic-weasels. :) Wouldn't that be fun. <3
1 hiss or Hiss in my ear....