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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
Along with the hot chicken soup and ibuprofen....
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fragilistikal From: fragilistikal Date: April 30th, 2006 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)



Was caught by a fit of nostalgia and dropped in on your site. (Confession: There was a point--wow, five...six years ago(?!) when I checked obssessively to see if Dominion Road was updated.)

Anyway, I was really happy to see your post about Silver Diamond because Sugiura has been underappreciated for so long. She's brilliant! <3

I love her reversals on BL conventions like "seme/uke", e.g. the power dynamics between Chigusa and Rakan and Narushige. (--Seriously, as of book 7: any hope of canonical threesome??)

(Also much love to Kou!)

If anything, I think the seme/uke comparison only rings a bell in her stories because she loves visual and structural contrast so much: the tall, blond soldier with glasses; the shorter dark-haired scholar *in charge.*

Have you read her other series, Koori no Mamono Monogatari, aka Ice-Cold Demon's Tale at all? It's the series that sucked me in all those years ago. Sugiura is the only mangaka who will have me happily buy a 26-volume series instead of just borrowing it from the local manga rental place. Blood and Ishuca are my true loves, writing-wise, however tepid the affair may be.... ^^;

Haaa, oh man, sorry for writing an essay in your comments page...! ^^;
1 hiss or Hiss in my ear....