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Along with the hot chicken soup and ibuprofen....

... a nice little dose of smut and shounen-ai helps me feel a wee bit better.

I staggered off to the grocery store to make a food run, and made a side trip to the local Borders Books and grabbed the latest BLU release, "Wild Rock". Pretty and yummy, but way too short. ::wistful sigh::

Got my shipment from Sasuga Books -- Wild Adapter 4; Trinity Blood 5; and last, but definitely not least, Silver Diamond 7! God, how I adore Silver Diamond's mangaka Sugiura Shiho! ::happy sigh:: She does the most wonderful mix of understated male-male bonding, angst, drama, and comedy -- unfortunately, some of the more hilarious scenes made me laugh aloud, which really hurt my chest and stomach muscles (due to excessive cold-related coughing).

And for a final bit of lacivious enjoyment, someone posted a hilariously kinky bit of Sephiroth X Cloud dollporn on myprettypuppet aptly titled "The Property of Sephiroth" ::feeble cackle:: ::clutches aching ribs:: Owwww.....

I already have the AC Sephiroth action figure. I think I really need to order myself the AC Cloud. ^_-
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