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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
It's the end of the fiscal year, with all its associated deadlines. It would be a stressful time under normal circumstances, but after the year I've head, with all the family-related health (and now psychological) issues, it's become truly horrible. ::stress-induced eyebrow twitching::

So September was basically a total wash writing-wise (although I managed to jolt down more notes on the outline).

However, just to let you guys knows that I'm still alive -- barely -- here's a small random teaser which makes reference to the events in SOLDIERs Just Wanna Have Fun.

Once October arrives, hopefully I can get back to the important stuff... like working on fic, damn it! :P

Typical warnings apply -- very rough, yadda-yadda. Enjoy.

::staggers off to deal with all sorts of Real Life(tm) crap::

'You see, Zack somehow came up with this secret recipe for....'Collapse )

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