August 19th, 2010

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

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Ugh... what a hellish summer, what with the parental unit's prolonged health issues.... @_@ Otakon was my one good break, and then it was back to the grind again. Now I understand what they mean when they talk about 'caretaker fatigue'. ::sigh::

For the people interested in COI-Redux, don't worry -- chapter 4 is almost finished. It just needs proofing and a few tweaks. It should be up in the next day or two.

As for this fic, I posted it in 2006 directly on the Love Mode LJ-comm, so I decided to post a copy on my own LJ, just for completeness.

::staggers off::

Title: Proprietary Interest
Author: Madamhydra
Beta: totally un-betaed
Fandom(s): Love Mode, ViewFinder
Genres: Drama
Character/Pairing: Reiji/Naoya, Asami/Takaba
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Love Mode belongs to Shimizu Yuki; Viewfinder belongs to Yamane Ayano
Warnings: spoilers for both series series
Wordcount: ~2,000

Summary: An interesting conversation between Reiji and Asami about business and the care of pets.

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