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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
After my Final Fantasy VII fic "Conflicts of Interest" got plagiarized by cloti lovers anonymous, I became curious about the other stories this person claimed as their own.

And after a bit of Googling, what do you think I find?

::dramatic drumroll::

Every damn one of her stories has been plagarized!

For the stories that don't have actual time stamps (or an actual publishing date!), I used the WayBack Machine to get a general idea when the story page was last archived.

Ye gods, talk about brazen!!Collapse )

The last story "Tune in Anytime" was the hardest to track down because our busy little plagiarist actually went through the trouble of substituting "Tifa" for the name "Sophie" in the story. And yes, "Tune in Anytime" is a commercially published book, available in your local library, bookstore, or on Amazon! O_o

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